A Silent Cheer

Getting to know clients and their products is one of the things I love most about being a designer. The journey of discovery and growth you share with a client over the course of a project sticks with you — that web site / logomark / book / poster is our baby too! The brand and products are forever ingrained within our consciousness. Every time I see a client logo or product in the real world I give them a special silent cheer. Sometimes I have to amit that it’s aloud, and the person with me just doesn’t understand. But I can spot the products a mile away.

This week while browsing some of my regular blog,s I got very excited to discover the Laura Kirar Barrel Lounge Chair by McGuire Furniture featured in the sneak peak: feature at design*sponge. Back in 2007 TRO was hired to redesign mcguirefurniture.com, and to kick off the project we were given a private tour of the San Francisco factory. That’s when I fell in love with the brand. Each piece of furniture is its own work of art, handmade by trained artisans with a quality that cannot be touched by machines. It’s refreshing to work with a company that holds true to a sense of personal touch that has lasted through decades. While McGuire still features some of the orginal designs by founders John and Elinor McGuire, the collection has grown to include designers such as Barbara Barry, Thomas Pheasant and my personal favorite – Laura Kirar. Her collection elegantly maintains the McGuire’s foundation of “exploring the relationship between outside and inside; elegance and raw nature”. The Barrel Lounge Chair Caught my eye with it’s repetitive circles which has made it one of my favorites from her collection. I just want to curl up and read a book in it.

I know it’s hard to imagine developing a bond with a line of products, but when you have the opportunity such as we do to live and breathe a brand for years at a time, you sometimes can’t help but root for them. And Now McGuire has been upgraded to a loud cheer!

To see more, check out the McGuire site or chair gallery.

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Web Dev Part 1: The CMS

The CMS or Content Management System is a powerful tool, giving clients the ability to manage and change their own content at will, without depending on a development team to implement changes constantly. That is not to say that a CMS replaces developers, but rather frees them up to do more developer oriented jobs, as opposed to, lets say, content entry.
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