Twitter for Hire?

It’s no surprise that with the economy being the way that it is, more people than ever are looking for jobs. Many are familiar with the stresses that come along with this new-found career (yep, looking for a job IS a full-time job). With so many people out of work, the competition is greater than one can imagine! People are paying companies to spruce up their resumes just so that they can get more than just a glance when submitted to companies.

Well, Campbell Mithun, an advertising agency located in Minneapolis, Minn, decided that the job-seeking process wasn’t interesting enough. They recently announced that they would be hiring for their Summer 2011 Lucky 13 Internship program via Twitter and Twitter alone. You heard correctly. Interested applicants are being asked to submit their application via Twitter in a total of 13 different tweets of 140 words of less. Drop your plans for developing that 60-second elevator speech you were working on and start summarizing who you are, what you’ve done, and how you can benefit the company, in the most creative way you can think of in 140 words or less! GO!

It’s inevitable that others will grab on to this idea sooner or later, so you’d might as well get started. Happy tweeting to you!


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The New Royal Order site

After serving us well for the past five (sniff) years, we have retired the all-Flash version of our site. Version 3.0 is leaner and includes a lot more work — clicking on the Featured Clients bar at the top right allows users to view work by client, and the About Us tab shifts the interface, revealing more about The Royal Order.

Rest in peace.

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